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Friday Five : Father’s Day Edition

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Most days, Mom gets all the credit. She’s a business woman, nurturer, activities coordinator, and personal chef wrapped in one. Once a year, we remember how amazing Dad is and we celebrate him. Dads are truly the superheroes that make every day a little bit more fun, silly, and exciting. In our house, Dad is a wrestler, a rock star, a baseball coach, and so much more. To celebrate dad, we put together some awesome items we think would make great Father’s Day presents (most are available in store for you late gift givers!) Cheers to celebrating Dads everywhere with this week’s Friday Five.  I hope all the dads out there have a wonderful day.

1.  Vans Nintendo sneakers –  My husband loves video games. It’s usually my go-to gift for him. Vans’ newest collaboration with Nintendo is a classic game lover’s dream come true. The collection has pieces from Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, and The Legend of Zelda!

2. Pixar Dad Shirt- My hunny loves graphic t shirts and all things Disney, so this shirt is a no brainer. Featuring all the best dads from Pixar, this is a great shirt to wear to the parks. Two of my local Target stores have it in stock!


3.  ESPN 30 for 30 collection –  ESPN continually amazes me with their documentaries, which highlight important people and events in sports histories. If your dad is a sports fan, this is the gift to get him. There is something for everyone, as the documentary subjects have been Larry Bird (the best ever), Muhammad Ali, Reggie Miller, The Raiders, NASCAR, and so much more.


4.  Herschel Settlement Backpack – If the Dad in your life loves Disney, but doesn’t want to parade around with giant, colorful graphics, this backpack is for him.  The black on black Winnie the Pooh design is subtle, yet striking and totally Disney.

5. Sprezzabox subscription –  Some dads have effortless style and others need a little help. Sprezzabox is perfect for both types of dad! Each month, the recipient receives a  curated box filled with stylish accessories. The box theme changes every month, so you will never get the same item twice. Items include socks, ties, lapel pins, skin care, and sunglasses.



My Favorite Day….and a little Giveaway

August 21 is my favorite day of the year. It is the day I became pregnant with CJ after a very long battle with infertility. I always remember August 21 as the day I received a little miracle. So, I like to celebrate this day like any other holiday – with presents.

CJ’s 2nd birthday was Winnie the Pooh themed. As part of her present, I asked the amazing Katy of Sweet Littles Handmade to make a custom Sweet Tiny doll using the same fabric as CJ’s birthday outfit. Katy made the most amazing doll and to celebrate August 21, I am hosting my first giveaway. One lucky follower will win this adorable one of a kind Tiny Doll. All you have to do is follow this blog, follow us on Instagram @growingupmainstreet, and comment here telling me your favorite day of the year and why! Good luck! I will be picking a winner on September 1.

Coincidentally, Christopher Robin Milne was born on August 21! 

Friday Five: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! The last two weeks have been cold and snowy in New York. Usually around this time of year, we would be getting ready for our annual Valentine’s Day trip to Disney World, but we have had to put Disney World on hold this year. I’m holding out for a Disneyland 60th anniversary trip in December, though. Even though we won’t be visiting the happiest place on earth for Valentine’s Day, I still love to celebrate the holiday. Valentine’s Day is special to us. It is when hunny proposed in Central Park (I mean if you can’t get to Cinderella’s Castle to propose, this is THE most romantic spot in NY). So here are my five favorite things to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. You still have two weeks, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

1. Concrete City and State print- If you have a loved one that lives far away or you are in a long distance relationship, this city and state print is the perfect gift. Order a print of their hometown, where you met, or even where you hope to relocate one day. It is a thoughtful and simple way to give a piece of yourself to someone so far away. 20150130-092835.jpg

$14 on Brickyard Buffalo

2. Winnie the Pooh Valentine Plush- Pooh is still CJ’s number one guy (after her Daddy). The theme of her birthday this year is 100 acre wood, so I figured I would start a few months early and get her this doll. He is absolutely adorable. There’s even a dapper Eeyore in a adorable red velvet tux. Both are sold out online, but still available in stores and right now, all plush toys (except frozen and tsum tsum) are buy one get one for $1! 20150130-093803.jpg

$19.95 at the Disney Store

3. Giles and Brother Railroad Spike Bracelet- This bracelet is one of my favorite presents ever. Hunny and I have matching ones. Mine has his initials (coincidentally, they are also CJ’s) and his have mine. The bracelet is very unique and I always get compliments on it. It is a perfect every day bracelet that reminds me of the one I love. It comes in brass, gold, silver and rose gold. Giles and Brother is an NYC based jeweler who makes gorgeous unique pieces. They ship very quickly, so unlike a lot of other personalized jewelry pieces, you will definitely have it in time for Valentine’s Day. 20150130-094942.jpg

$55 at Giles & Brother

4. Heart Knit Boot Cuffs- I am seriously obsessed with these handmade boot cuffs. They are absolutely adorable and perfect for the cold weather. Any girl in your life would be happy to receive them. 20150130-095758.jpg

$22.90 from Sennursasa on Etsy

5. Play Comme Des Garçons Unisex Converse Sneakers – I live in my Converse. Most people complain that theirs are uncomfortable, but to me, they are the only comfortable shoes I own. These unisex sneakers designed by Comme Des Garçons for JCrew, are a little pricey for Converse, but well worth the money. Your loved one will feel very special and stylish wearing these. 20150130-100752.jpg

$100 at JCrew

Cuddly Little Cubby

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Winnie the Pooh is kind of a big deal in our house. CJ loves all things Pooh. I guess this is probably my fault. I have a small (ok, huge) Pooh obsession. In fact, I have loved Pooh for so long that one of my aunts actually calls me “Pooh”. In my teens, I collected the now defunct Hunny Pot Points and saved up enough for a giant Winnie the Pooh doll. When I moved out of my mother’s house, I left giant Pooh in my old room. She did not want him, but I refused to get rid of him. I knew someday that giant Pooh would loved the way he deserved. 

Last week, giant Pooh was cleaned and we surprised CJ with him. We even had a photoshoot at JCPenney Portraits with CJ dressed up as a hunny pot and Piglet. To say she was excited, is an understatement. I am so glad that I kept him for so many years. I know she just turned one, but I already have her Winnie the Pooh theme 2nd birthday party planned out. Giant Pooh will be the main attraction. Image