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Disney x Coach

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Disney x Coach

My love for bags comes a close second to my love for Disney (I’ve been known to cry over a particular Chloe bag a few times). So when Disney announced they were going to be collaborating with Coach, I knew I had to do everything in my power to snag a bag. I’m still a little sad that I never got the Kate Spade Minnie mini maise and I refused to have that same remorse with Coach.Lucky for me, the entire collection was available before the worldwide June 17 release ONLY at the Coach store in SoHo, NYC. We decided to make an event of the day and celebrate Kid Congeniality‘s birthday, too (more on that later).

The store is a Mickey Mouse lover’s dream come true. Inside and out is transformed with the adorable Mickey graphics that are embroidered onto many of the products. The store is two floors of Disney x Coach goodies. Upstairs has an open, fun feel with adorable graphics on the walls and windows. There is a huge Mickey face mural and a video wall that shows how all those cute Mickeys made it on to the bags! Downstairs, is smaller and more intimate. There are more pillows and two framed Mickey animation artworks.

 The pillows were seriously so squishy and fun! The kids loved them. 

The price point for the collection is slightly higher than regular coach products, but if you just want something small to be part of it all, there are key chains for $25 and bookmarks for $40. I’m already regretting not buying the adorable bangle with charms of Mickey’s pants and hands, but I had a budget and fell in love with the ear clutch.

If you are in NY, I really recommend seeing the store in person. It’s beautiful decorated, and the employees are very nice and accommodating. We easily spent an hour in there, while the kids were playing on the pillows and the employees never once made us feel unwelcome! It is definitely worth a trip.


imageCordelia got dressed up for the occasion and Disneybounded as Minnie Mouse


Happy Birthday, Bambi

72 years ago today, Bambi premiered in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. The Great Prince of the Forest was introduced to the world and even though this movie is beloved now, it did not find success at first. Maybe it was a result of the film’s depiction of the animal’s struggle to survive and humans’ need to hunt the animals or maybe it was the lack of fantasy that the 4 previous Disney films possessed, but many critics felt that Bambi did not live up to the Disney reputation. However, subsequent re-releases have proved the film to be a success. The ideas in this film are still extremely relevant almost 3/4 of a century later – we need to respect the creatures that share the earth with us.


Friday Five : August Edition

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Happy August! According to the television ads and flyers, it is “Back to School” time. However, I plan on enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school officially starts. I will be soaking up the sun before the days get short again. There is so much to do and experience before the fall. Here are five things to do this August!


1. Guardians of the Galaxy –  Comic Book fans (hello fellow nerds!!) have been waiting since 2010 for the release of this Marvel superhero film. It is finally in theaters today. There is already a sequel in the works set for 2017.



2. Villains Unleashed –  On August 23 in Hollywood Studios, 50 Disney Villains will come together for a nights of partying and mischief. During this special ticketed event, guests can see Hades perform with his band and treacherous treats will be served. There will be a spooky fireworks show and Oogie Boogie will be hosting a Freaky Funhouse Show on Sunset Boulevard. It will definitely be a fiendishly fun event.



3.  Jazz Age Lawn Party –  If you are anywhere near New York on August 16 or 17, make sure you attend this annual event. Held on Governor’s Island, this party is THE place to go for flappers, jazz music, dance lessons and all things 1920s. This party is perfect for families with young kids as well as singles (what a great way to meet someone!). Dressing up is not required, but it is encouraged.  Tickets are available here.



4. Summer Streets –  On three consecutive weekends in August beginning the 2nd, approximately 7 miles of NYC streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park are closed off to traffic and opened to the public to walk, run, bike and play. Summer Streets aims to get people thinking about alternative forms of transportation and sustaining the resources of NYC. Summer Streets is like one giant block party with games, a rock climbing wall, a zip line and healthy treats. Learn more about it here.


5. Artist Sketch of the  Month –  Every month, Disney World and Disneyland offer their Artist Sketch of the Month at various locations in the parks. This month’s Disneyland sketch is inspired by Up and features Russell & Kevin. As I have mentioned before, we are huge Up fans. This sketch is a must-have for me, so I have been doing my best to pull some strings or find some friends who will be visiting the park during August! *Fingers Crossed*



Bastille Day

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On Sunday, we crossed an item off of our summer bucket list and continued our annual tradition of going to the NYC Bastille Day street fair. Now, we were a family of 3, so there was a little more preparation to get down there and a lot more stress navigating thru the crowd. I have always been aware of large crowds and their unwillingness to be respectful of strollers (Disney World is a prime example), but Bastille Day is a beast of a different sort. Most NYC street fairs take place on main avenues that have traffic running two ways, not one lane side streets. Add vendors on both sides of the street and crowds of people pushing to get to them, and you can have a dangerous situation for a stroller.

We used a small umbrella stroller because pushing a large jogger thru the crowds seemed unfair to others (it really is packed that tightly). CJ loved it. As she was pushed thru the crowds, she waved at everyone and barked at the dogs she passed.
Most NYC street fairs are jam packed with generic fried foods and lemonade stands. There are two exceptions to this : The San Gennaro Festival and The Bastille Day fair. Lemonade is still abundant, but French pastries, crepes, macarons, wine and sandwiches make the crowd bearable. This year, the creator of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel, had a stand. In addition to French pastries, the stand was selling freshly made frozen yogurt. It was impossible to get close to his stand, so we headed for the equally delicious, but less crowded Payard and we were not disappointed.

Since it was so crowded and incredibly hot, we walked thru the fair only once. We got to see adorable cancan girls and a mime who played peek-a-boo with CJ. There was also a marching street band playing Jazz. The food and performances definitely make me want to return year after year, regardless of the crowds!




Tomato Mozzarella & Basil Pesto sandwich and an apricot tarte from Payard



Friday Five: 4th of July Edition

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Happy 238th Birthday, America! To honor your independence, we compiled this list to make your 4th fantastic. Have a happy and safe day. Enjoy!

1: Have a Picnic Not everyone has access to a barbecue grill, but that should not stop you from getting outside and enjoying the day with the ones you love. Grab a blanket, pack up a lunch (extra points if you include red, white and blue foods) and head out outdoors.


2: Julep America the Beautiful nail polish – Whether on your fingers or toes (or both), make a patriotic statement with this red, white and blue polish. There are even tiny stars in it!.Purchase it here.


3. Red, White and Blue Daiquiris – This one is just for the adults (unless you want to make virgin ones for the kiddos, but we deserve somethings just for ourselves). Equal parts sweet and refreshing, this is the perfect drink to sip while enjoying evening fireworks. Find the recipe here.


4. Star Spangled Moccasins – these adorable baby moccasins are not just for the 4th. Show your pride for the USA all year long and support a business that creates handmade items in America. Purchase them here. Etsy is filled with amazing handmade items from people across the country. I always check them out first before I buy something from a store.



5. Fireworks – We may not be in Disney to see the best fireworks display there is, but most towns across the country have firework shows. If yours doesn’t, tune in to NBC at 8pm EST to catch the Macy’s 4th of July Firework Show from our hometown NYC



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Happy Summer. We were inspired buy our favorite kid to make our Summer 2014 Bucket list. Since we don’t want our summer to be spent wishing the days away until our trip to Disney World in September, we want to fill our days with fun, culture and plenty of outdoor fun.  CJ is old enough to enjoy lots of attractions and experiences, but since she is not walking yet, she can be pushed around in the stroller (and we don’t have to worry about running after her). Our list is filled with things we hope will make for a memorable three months.


  • Have a picnic in Central Park
  • Ride Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn
  • Take CJ to the zoo for the first time
  • Try a new recipe every week (this is probably hardest for me since I do not like to cook or try new foods)
  • Visit the High Line
  • Go to Photoville in Brooklyn
  • Go to the Bastille Day Fair and give CJ her first french macaron
  • Visit Dia: Beacon
  • Go cherry/strawberry picking
  • Go to Governor’s Island
  • Disney Bound every weekend until we leave for Disney World!!!!
  • See King Lear in Central Park
  • Spend a day in Seaside Heights
  • Dress CJ up in her Alice in Wonderland costume and take photos at the bronze statue in Central Park
  • Get my permit (yes. I do not drive. Baby steps. Permit this summer and driving by the winter? It could happen)
  • Continue training for the Walk Disney World Enchanted 10K
  • Finally, make CJ’s first year scrapbook

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Create Museum Worthy Art From Your Couch

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Before CJ was born, I volunteered at the Museum of Modern Art in their Materials Art Lab. It was a great experience. Children of all ages would come and learn about the various materials that artists use to create their art. One of the highlights of the lab was the Microsoft digital painting software that allowed users to virtually draw or paint on the computer’s touch screen. There were different brushes you could choose, as well as a blurring effect and watercolor and charcoal options – all the tools needed to make the digital image look like a physical work of art. Everyone loved this software. In fact, man y people were upset that we did not offer printing for the digital images because they were so happy with the digital art that was created.

This week, MoMA released their Art Lab iPad App, which utilizes similar software to help budding artists create digital art. The app is intended for ages 7 and up, but there is an audio component for children who are not yet reading, so with proper adult supervision any child can create! In addition to painting and drawing, users can learn about art works at the MoMA and the artists who created them. Now, all I need is an iPad and I am set!