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25 years of The Little Mermaid

When I was pregnant with CJ and people would ask what I was going to name the baby, I would say, “Aladdin if it’s a boy and The Little Mermaid if it’s a girl.” I made it a point to let people know that I did not mean Ariel. I really meant The Little Mermaid. I wanted a little girl with red hair and green eyes and when we found out I was having a girl, I was beyond thrilled. I collected a few mermaid items for her during my pregnancy and continued calling her The Little Mermaid. In the hospital the first night, I sang “Part of Your World” and have continued to sing it to her every day. It amazes me how she can calm down the second she hears me sing that particular song. Today is the 25th anniversary of The Little Mermaid. On November 17, 1989 , Disney released its 28th film and with it, began the Disney Renaissance. To celebrate, CJ and I listened to The Little Mermaid soundtrack and watched the movie. It was her first time seeing it and I was so happy to see how excited she was when Ariel sang Part of Your World. She didn’t enjoy it as much as Lilo and Stitch, but it was definitely fun to try something new!

20141117-214236.jpgIn honor of Ariel, CJ wore her Little Mermaid socks!


Happy Birthday, Bambi

72 years ago today, Bambi premiered in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. The Great Prince of the Forest was introduced to the world and even though this movie is beloved now, it did not find success at first. Maybe it was a result of the film’s depiction of the animal’s struggle to survive and humans’ need to hunt the animals or maybe it was the lack of fantasy that the 4 previous Disney films possessed, but many critics felt that Bambi did not live up to the Disney reputation.¬†However, subsequent re-releases have proved the film to be a success. The ideas in this film are still extremely relevant almost 3/4 of a century later – we need to respect the creatures that share the earth with us.