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Friday Five : Father’s Day Edition

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Most days, Mom gets all the credit. She’s a business woman, nurturer, activities coordinator, and personal chef wrapped in one. Once a year, we remember how amazing Dad is and we celebrate him. Dads are truly the superheroes that make every day a little bit more fun, silly, and exciting. In our house, Dad is a wrestler, a rock star, a baseball coach, and so much more. To celebrate dad, we put together some awesome items we think would make great Father’s Day presents (most are available in store for you late gift givers!) Cheers to celebrating Dads everywhere with this week’s Friday Five.  I hope all the dads out there have a wonderful day.

1.  Vans Nintendo sneakers –  My husband loves video games. It’s usually my go-to gift for him. Vans’ newest collaboration with Nintendo is a classic game lover’s dream come true. The collection has pieces from Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, and The Legend of Zelda!

2. Pixar Dad Shirt- My hunny loves graphic t shirts and all things Disney, so this shirt is a no brainer. Featuring all the best dads from Pixar, this is a great shirt to wear to the parks. Two of my local Target stores have it in stock!


3.  ESPN 30 for 30 collection –  ESPN continually amazes me with their documentaries, which highlight important people and events in sports histories. If your dad is a sports fan, this is the gift to get him. There is something for everyone, as the documentary subjects have been Larry Bird (the best ever), Muhammad Ali, Reggie Miller, The Raiders, NASCAR, and so much more.


4.  Herschel Settlement Backpack – If the Dad in your life loves Disney, but doesn’t want to parade around with giant, colorful graphics, this backpack is for him.  The black on black Winnie the Pooh design is subtle, yet striking and totally Disney.

5. Sprezzabox subscription –  Some dads have effortless style and others need a little help. Sprezzabox is perfect for both types of dad! Each month, the recipient receives a  curated box filled with stylish accessories. The box theme changes every month, so you will never get the same item twice. Items include socks, ties, lapel pins, skin care, and sunglasses.



Friday Five: Father’s Day Edition

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This Sunday is Father’s Day.  I recently read an interesting post online that said that people spend more money on moms for Mother’s Day than on fathers. I think this stinks. Dads are just as important as moms, and while the price of the gift is not important, making sure dad feels special is what matters. Some dad’s are extremely hard to buy presents for – maybe that is why there is such a huge difference in spending habits.  How many wallets or BBQ aprons does dad need? So,  in honor of the guy that puts everything together, carries all of the heavy stuff, and makes the best pizza, here is a list of 5 great Father’s Day gifts he is sure to enjoy. Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there!

1. Mantry – Mantry is the #1 food gift for men. Each wooden crate is filled with artisan food and beverages, and delivered right to your door. These aren’t common ingredients. Instead, dad will get items like lemon and sea salt popcorn, bourbon brittle, or dragon’s blood hot sauce. Also included are recipes to help make the most of each item.  Mantra crates can be purchased in 1, 3, or 6 month subscriptions and start at $75.


Available here

2.  Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil – CJ’s dad has a great beard. In fact, facial hair is all the rage now. The key to not looking like a cave man is maintenance. Facial hair should be neat and clean. That takes a lot of work. So to help dad out, get him this great conditioning oil that works as a skin moisturizer, as well. This oil is one of the more affordable options on the market at $12, and it has a great scent.


Available here

2. Loot Crate –  Video games, comic books, and movies are huge in our house. We are equal parts nerdy, cool, nostalgic here and that makes Loot Crate a perfect match.  Promising to deliver an “epic experience every month,” Loot Crate is available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Oh, and each month, one lucky subscriber  wins a mega crate worth over $2,000.


Available here

4.  Darth Vader Vans –  Even when dressing casually, dad wants to look his best. So why not an easy slip on shoe featuring one of the most iconic dads of all time? If Darth Vader isn’t his thing (are there people who don’t like Darth Vader?), vans has hundreds of options for sneakers, including customizable ones.


Available here

5.  Apple TV – One of the best purchases we have made in the last year has been our Apple TV. It is great to be able to access tons of stations, as well as online content on our television. It is portable and great for traveling. If you have been thinking about terminating your cable tv subscription, Apple TV will still keep you connected to your favorite shows and other digital content.


Available here

Friday Five: Almost Fathers for Almost Father’s Day

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Fathers day is this Sunday. As we get ready to honor all of the great Dads out there for their hard work in raising their little ankle biters, I have a question -what about the men who have stepped in where the real “Dad” has stepped out? I am talking about all the great step dads. Disney does not shy away from the fact that there are absentee fathers and I think the men who take their place deserve some recognition. To honor the men who step up to the plate when they were needed, here are my top 5  Disney Step Dads/Father Figures.

5. Merlin: The Sword in the Stone

Arthur is an orphan. His foster parents treat him like a slave (not to mention they call him Wart). Then along comes Merlin. He teaches Arthur valuable lessons, believes in him and prepares him for his destiny – being King. That’s what any good Father would do for his child.


4. Trusty & Jock: Lady and the Tramp

This one is a little bit of a stretch,but hear me out. From the beginning of the movie, Lady looks to Trusty and Jock for their advice and approval, just as most daughters would. Let’s not forget when she ran to them to show off her new collar. Trusty and Jock love Lady and look out for her – especially when it comes to  Tramp (the boyfriend). When she needs them they come through, just like a great Father would. So,Trusty and Jock, you may share a spot but you made the list.


3. James P. Sullivan (Sulley): Monster’s Inc.

Ok, so we really don’t know much about Boo’s real world life. Maybe her Dad is a fantastic father. Who knows, really? I do know that there is no doubt that Sulley loves this little girl like his own. He protects her throughout the whole movie. Risks his job and friendship to get her back home and then makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her in the end by letting her door be destroyed. (Mike get’s honorable mention for staying along for the ride and glueing her door back together).



2. Carl Fredricksen: UP

Sure he is a bit of a curmudgeon at first, but the bristly old timer has been through a lot of heartbreak losing his wife and all. Into his life comes Russell. While Russell has a Dad, it is obvious the guy is a total dead beat. So,Carl steps up and turns into one of the best Father figures out there. He saves Russell’s life and I don’t just mean from Charles Muntz. He gives Russell the father/son relationship he craves.


1. Baloo: The Jungle Book

Was there any real question who number one would be? Ole Papa Bear, Baloo! Disney’s greatest step dad. Baloo is not the smartest animal in the jungle or the most responsible, but when everyone else was scared of Shere Khan, Baloo was willing to look after Mowgli so he could stay in the Jungle. He even fights Shere Khan with no regard for his own life. In the end he puts what he wants aside and does what is best for Mowgli, no matter how much it hurts. So to Baloo and all the others on the list I say a much deserved Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy your day of being King of the Jungle.


Thank you to my Hunny for writing this wonderful post. Happy Father’s Day to the best Papa Bear ever – TMT