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Friday Five: Disney World Preparation Edition

I think I may have mentioned before, that I am currently in graduate school and writing my thesis on Copyright issues and the Walt Disney Company. With graduation almost here, it is crunch time for my paper. I still have a long way to go and while I was hoping to get to the Walt Disney Family Museum to complete it, airfares to California are insane. Fortunately, I have a very thoughtful funny who is willing to drive me to Florida to get some first hand interviews at Walt Disney World. So, in a few weeks, we will be driving there. Lucky for us, the Flower and Garden Festival will have just started and crowds will be low because it is not yet Spring Break. Even though this is a “business” visit, we are still planning to pack as much fun into our short trip as possible. So, to get us ready for that trip, I bring you this week’s Friday Five – a look at some of the things we are bringing with us!

1. Le Ears Custom Ears – shortly after Halloween, I entered an instagram contest to win a pair of custom ears from the super talented Nancy of Le Ears. Nancy indulged my need for a pair of ears that reflected my graduate school work. Together, we came up with the most awesome (well I think they are), one – of – a – kind ears featuring Disney inspired fine art from Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. I have been waiting months to wear these to the Wonderground Gallery!



2. Lost Boys Club T shirt – Hunny has a spectacular collection of Disney T shirts. Junk Food Clothing makes some great ones, but they are kind of generic. They all feature images of characters. Recently I stumbled upon Lost Boys Club shirts and I fell in love. These shirts are unique and perfect for die-hard Disney Fans. How can you not love a shirt that has a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar on it??


3. Little Gun Tank Outfits –  Ok, so I know I have gushed about her before, but Charlotte is amazing. Thanks to her, CJ will have the most epic wardrobe for our very short trip. I am sure we will have to do 3 clothing changes a day to fit everything in, but it will be so worth it. Make sure you head to her instagram page and ask for a tag when she opens up for orders again in March. And while you are there, enter her 3,000 followers giveaway.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 15.35.54

4. Minnie Mouse Jamberry Nail Decals – I admit it. Unlike most women, I do not like to get my nails done. I can count on one hand how many manicures I have had in my adult life. I usually do them myself and the results are underwhelming. I always look online and see the most adorable Disney themed nails and want them for my trip, but don’t really want to deal with getting them done.  Jamberry nails have changed everything for me (I’ve mentioned this before). Earlier this month, the company unveiled their Disney line and they are EPIC! Gorgeous Disney nails that you peel and stick. No nail salon required. No hefty bill for gel nails or intricate designs. They are super easy to apply and last for about two weeks. Each sheet you order can do at least two full manicures. I purchased the Mickey’s Girl design for this trip (and for CJ’s Minnie themed Birthday party), but I cannot wait to order more………Ariel, I’ve got my eye on you!


5.Customized Celebration Buttons – I love that the  Celebration buttons from the Disney Parks are free. If you are really on a budget and not buying souvenirs, you can still get a button to celebrate your trip. There are so many different Disney-themed celebration buttons for sale, but my favorite are the Child Identification / Emergency ones made by Crowley Castle.  The last time we were in Disney, CJ still was not walking. Over a year and a half later, and things are much different. Having one of these buttons with our information makes me feel a bit more at ease. The buttons are also able to be customized with any allergies or handicaps your child may have.



While there are so many more things, I would love to buy for our trip, I think funny would kill me for spending the money! What are your favorite things to have during your Disney vacation? Let me know in the comments.


Friday Five : Rock the Dots Edition

In honor of National Polka Dot Day, Disney has gone all out to promote its newest fashion venture, Minnie Style. Minnie is the original polka dot icon and a true fashionista. Along with Fashion designer, Christian Siriano, and Refinery 29, Disney threw a Minnie themed fashion show in Los Angeles today, inspiring everyone to #rockthedots. To continue with the festivities and kick off a year long polka dot party, there will be an interactive art and fashion installation tomorrow that celebrates Minnie’s iconic style and her place in fashion history at the Paper Agency in Los Angeles! So all of you lucky West Coasters, RSVP and have a ball!. We will be snowed in tomorrow, so instead, to celebrate the cutest pattern and the most adorable fashionista, here are the Rock the Dots picks for Friday Five!

1. Kate Spade Bag – This March, a limited-edition collection celebrating Minnie Style will be released. Kate Spade New York is the designer to turn to when you want a feminine dotted piece, so this collaboration is a no brainer! I hope there will be more pieces other than this gorgeous bag. Shoes and accessories would put me over the moon!


2. The Perfect Manicure – Some girls may be adept at giving themselves a great at home mani. Others are lucky enough to live in an area where it is easy to find a manicurist that can paint amazing designs on nails. Unfortunately for me, I can’t say that I have access to either, so when I need an adorable manicure, I rely on Jamberry nail wraps. They are super easy and come in hundreds of colors and designs. There are plenty of polka dot options, but the poppy and white polka just scream, “Minnie!”



3. Polka Dot Flatware – We dress ourselves like Minnie, so why not dress up our utensils? This flatware set is understated, yet still so much fun. I know I couldn’t help but smile anytime I used them. Life is too short to have a boring home and these are the perfect utensils to make sure your meals are anything, but boring!



4. Limited Edition Minnie Mouse Signature Doll – This might be one of my favorite limited edition dolls ever. Minnie is so chic. It looks as if she has a gorgeous head of long hair and it is styled into to buns, to create her ears. Her black and white peter pan collared dress is such a nice contrast to the usual red dress she wears (and don’t get me started on the pink dress). Her outfit and makeup are so stylish – look at those lashes. She looks like she is about to sit front row during Fashion Week. Ok…so she is sold out online, but many stores still have the dolls available.


5. Tom Ford Polka Dot Tie – This gorgeous silk tie would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s closet! Polka dots are not just for the girls. That special guy in your life needs a little #minniestyle in his wardrobe.


If you are on the East coast, stay safe this weekend during the blizzard! We will be baking, playing dress-up and rocking the dots!!!



Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse 

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse 

Mickey Mouse turns 87 today! On this day in 1928, Steamboat Willie was released and Walt Disney gave us our favorite character (and with this short film, the subject of my M.A. Thesis). 

In the current state of the world, there is a lot of sadness and separation, but Mickey Mouse, and the rest of the Disney family, help to bring us happiness. I have met so many wonderful people on social media simply because of our shared love for this mouse and everything he represents. It is not childish. Rather,Mickey  keeps us young at heart and helps us to find the good in life. 

Thank you Mickey and enjoy your birthday! 

Friday Five: The Most Romantic Disney Couples

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by watching a romantic movie with the one you love. So, today’s Friday Five celebrates the most romantic Disney couples.

1. Carl and Ellie – in 8 minutes, Pixar tells us one of the most beautiful love stories ever. Carl and Ellie meet as kids, bond over their love of adventure, fall in love, get married and make a life together. Their dreams of a family are shattered, but their love never fails them. Even after Ellie’s death, Carl still looks to make her happy and make her dreams come true.


This couple set the bar pretty high in the love/romance department

2. Wall-E and Eve – Wall-E is a hopeless romantic who makes everyone he comes in contact with happy. He is sweet, innocent and longs to hold Eve’s hand. Finding Eve makes Wall-E realize he is not always going to be alone, and deep down that is something we all worry about. When Eve sees the recording of all the things Wall-E did for her while she was “asleep,” she realizes how much she cares for him.


All he wants is to hold her hand

3: Aladdin and Jasmine – When Princess Jasmine runs away from her palace and gets in trouble at the marketplace, Aladdin comes to her rescue. Before he even knows she is the princess, he has fallen in love with her. Jasmine is in awe is of his simple lifestyle and freedom. They both long for a life different from their own. The two fall for each other from the start and even finish each other’s sentences.


Do you trust me?

4. Rapunzel and Flynn – My heart melts every time I watch Tangled and Flynn finally falls for Rapunzel. The way he looks at Rapunzel is the way every girl dreams someone will look at her! Flynn gives Rapunzel the courage to follow her dream and Rapunzel shows Flynn that there is a lot more to life than money. When he tells her “you were my new dream,” I sob.


ugh the way he looks at her!

5. George and Meg – the first time I watched Paperman, I cried. Truth is, I cried the second and third times as well. George falls in love with Meg at first sight and in just six minutes we watch him risk his job to get the attention of the beautiful stranger he saw on the train platform.


You never know where you will find the love of your life 

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the film release of Disney’s Peter Pan. The 14th Walt Disney Animated Classic film was based on the book of the same name written by J.M. Barrie. Peter Pan is one of Disney’s most beloved characters; maybe it is because everyone can relate to not wanting to grow up.


While I love Peter Pan, for me, Tinkerbell is the best. She is rebellious, and although she is bratty and jealous, she is feisty and fights for what matters to her. When Kid Congeniality told me that he was  Peter Pan for Halloween, I knew CJ needed a Tink costume, so we could have fun taking photos. CJ and Kid C are the best of friends, and just like Tinkerbell, CJ follows Kid C around on all of his adventures.



Just yesterday, a new interactive queue was unveiled at Peter Pan’s Flight. Now, while waiting in line for the ride, you can walk into the Darling’s house, thru the nursery and see Peter’s shadow flying around the room. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of  Walt Disney World’s original and most popular attractions and with its new update, it is bound to stay that way.  Happy Birthday, Peter Pan!

The Art of Playing Dress Up

I truly believe that every little girl loves to dress up and pretend to be a princess. Some adults do, too! Sophie Arroyo is one of the luckiest girls in the world.  Sophie’s Grandmother and a friend of the family make the most exquisite child-size replica costumes of all the Disney characters for her to wear to the parks. Sophie’s closet looks like a magical dressing room fit for a princess! How lucky is she? Most adults don’t even have a closet as amazing as Sophie’s.

Sophie’s mom, Vel, is a fellow Disney addict. As premier Disney passholders, Vel and her family visit both Disney parks as much as possible. Vel was born and raised in Southern California and living only 20 minutes away from Disneyland, she visited all the time growing up. Vel continues that tradition with her husband and children, visiting at least three times a week. I can’t help but be extremely envious about that!


Sophie and her brother, Mikey in their Toy Story finest!

Sunday’s are their favorite day to visit Disneyland. Sophie, or Mary Poppins as she likes to call herself, is always dressed in costume and  gets tons of compliments and attention – as every little princess deserves. A few weeks ago, Sophie was dressed as the Candy Bakers from the Disneyland Fantasy Christmas parade and her own meet and greet with them. Vel’s husband and son sometimes join in on the action and dress up along with Sophie, but most of the time the focus is on adorable Sophie and her amazing costumes.

get-attachment-2.aspx get-attachment-3.aspx

I know I will be contacting Sophie’s grandmother on her Facebook page to have some dresses made for CJ when we go back to Disneyland for the diamond anniversary!  Vel also recommended her friend’s Sharan’s Etsy shop for costumes and I KNOW which one we are getting for Halloween this year. Hopefully, CJ can amass a closet like Sophie’s.

20150130-090850.jpgSophie with her favorite character, Drizella

Happy New Year

The beginning of the year is normally a time for resolutions. It is a time to reflect on the mishaps you may have had last year and figure out how to fix them or not make them again. It is a time to “change” into the person you want to become. For the last 20 years, I have had the same resolution – learn how to drive. Last year, I got one step closer, I got a learner’s permit. This year, it could happen, but I am not making it my resolution.

Instead of making resolutions this year, I am making goals. A resolution is simply a decision to do something or the act of solving a problem. A goal is something you want so bad and have to work to achieve. I don’t want to resolve to do something or change into someone. I want to accomplish my goals. I once read that defining goals will help you achieve the life you want for yourself because setting goals gives your life direction.

2015 is a big year for me. I will finally be graduating in May from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Art Market graduate program. I have been a part of this program for almost five years. While most students are full time and graduate after two years, between working full time and having CJ, I attended part time. It has been been bittersweet to see my classmates graduate and go on to work in such wonderful environments. Every September, I find myself missing my former classmates and getting to know new ones. I am finally at the end and can hopefully, move on to my dream job (more about this another time).

My goals for this year are simple.
1- Graduate
2- Grow this blog’s readership
3- Turn my photography into a profitable business
4- Apply for and attain dream job

These goals are my motivation to work harder prioritize my life. They will not fall into my lap, but because I want them so bad, I will work my butt off to get them. Goal achievement requires commitment, which is something I often find myself lacking, but with the clock ticking, I just don’t feel like I have anymore time to waste. So, here is to 2015 and achieving my goals.