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Disney x Coach

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Disney x Coach

My love for bags comes a close second to my love for Disney (I’ve been known to cry over a particular Chloe bag a few times). So when Disney announced they were going to be collaborating with Coach, I knew I had to do everything in my power to snag a bag. I’m still a little sad that I never got the Kate Spade Minnie mini maise and I refused to have that same remorse with Coach.Lucky for me, the entire collection was available before the worldwide June 17 release ONLY at the Coach store in SoHo, NYC. We decided to make an event of the day and celebrate Kid Congeniality‘s birthday, too (more on that later).

The store is a Mickey Mouse lover’s dream come true. Inside and out is transformed with the adorable Mickey graphics that are embroidered onto many of the products. The store is two floors of Disney x Coach goodies. Upstairs has an open, fun feel with adorable graphics on the walls and windows. There is a huge Mickey face mural and a video wall that shows how all those cute Mickeys made it on to the bags! Downstairs, is smaller and more intimate. There are more pillows and two framed Mickey animation artworks.

 The pillows were seriously so squishy and fun! The kids loved them. 

The price point for the collection is slightly higher than regular coach products, but if you just want something small to be part of it all, there are key chains for $25 and bookmarks for $40. I’m already regretting not buying the adorable bangle with charms of Mickey’s pants and hands, but I had a budget and fell in love with the ear clutch.

If you are in NY, I really recommend seeing the store in person. It’s beautiful decorated, and the employees are very nice and accommodating. We easily spent an hour in there, while the kids were playing on the pillows and the employees never once made us feel unwelcome! It is definitely worth a trip.


imageCordelia got dressed up for the occasion and Disneybounded as Minnie Mouse


Minnie Paints the Dots Birthday Party

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Earlier this month, we celebrated CJ’s 3rd birthday with a Minnie Mouse painting party. CJ loves  all things art (I may have influenced her just a bit) and the hilarious Mickey shorts cartoons, so combining this with Minnie Mouse seemed like such a natural fit.

cjminnie3 (1)

As with her other parties, it was really important to me to make as many of the decorations as possible, or at least buy handmade. My cousin made her invitations, while my co-worker made the mouse ear signage with her name that we put on the dessert table. My mom made the desserts, including most amazing 3 tiered cake – complete with Minnie ears and a bow. I made the tissue paper mouse heads and a few banners that we hung around the room. I also had a failed attempt at a “photo booth” wall.






I would like to point out that this is only the 2nd fondant cake my mother has ever made! 


The most important handmade thing we purchased for the birthday was CJ’s Minnie Mouse outfit. The amazingly talented Little Gun Tank made her a gorgeous Minnie outfit complete with a retro daisy hat like Minnie wears in the cartoons. The outfit was 3 pieces – a black top, polka dot skirt with crinoline layers, and white pantaloons. It was perfect! CJ also wore a polka dot bow from Mina Loves Bows when she was running around with her cousins.


cheater photo because she was running around so much!



We set up a table with easels and canvases for everyone to paint. This was my favorite part of the whole party. I got the table easels so cheap at Jo-Ann’s with 50% off coupons.  The kids, and many adults, had a blast. So many beautiful artworks were created!!

Surrounded by talent!!

We also had temporary tattoos!!!


I had such a fun time planning this party. I cannot wait to see what CJ is in to next year to start planning her fourth!


Friday Five: Father’s Day Edition

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This Sunday is Father’s Day.  I recently read an interesting post online that said that people spend more money on moms for Mother’s Day than on fathers. I think this stinks. Dads are just as important as moms, and while the price of the gift is not important, making sure dad feels special is what matters. Some dad’s are extremely hard to buy presents for – maybe that is why there is such a huge difference in spending habits.  How many wallets or BBQ aprons does dad need? So,  in honor of the guy that puts everything together, carries all of the heavy stuff, and makes the best pizza, here is a list of 5 great Father’s Day gifts he is sure to enjoy. Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there!

1. Mantry – Mantry is the #1 food gift for men. Each wooden crate is filled with artisan food and beverages, and delivered right to your door. These aren’t common ingredients. Instead, dad will get items like lemon and sea salt popcorn, bourbon brittle, or dragon’s blood hot sauce. Also included are recipes to help make the most of each item.  Mantra crates can be purchased in 1, 3, or 6 month subscriptions and start at $75.


Available here

2.  Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil – CJ’s dad has a great beard. In fact, facial hair is all the rage now. The key to not looking like a cave man is maintenance. Facial hair should be neat and clean. That takes a lot of work. So to help dad out, get him this great conditioning oil that works as a skin moisturizer, as well. This oil is one of the more affordable options on the market at $12, and it has a great scent.


Available here

2. Loot Crate –  Video games, comic books, and movies are huge in our house. We are equal parts nerdy, cool, nostalgic here and that makes Loot Crate a perfect match.  Promising to deliver an “epic experience every month,” Loot Crate is available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Oh, and each month, one lucky subscriber  wins a mega crate worth over $2,000.


Available here

4.  Darth Vader Vans –  Even when dressing casually, dad wants to look his best. So why not an easy slip on shoe featuring one of the most iconic dads of all time? If Darth Vader isn’t his thing (are there people who don’t like Darth Vader?), vans has hundreds of options for sneakers, including customizable ones.


Available here

5.  Apple TV – One of the best purchases we have made in the last year has been our Apple TV. It is great to be able to access tons of stations, as well as online content on our television. It is portable and great for traveling. If you have been thinking about terminating your cable tv subscription, Apple TV will still keep you connected to your favorite shows and other digital content.


Available here

Happy Birthday UP!

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Today is the sixth anniversary of the release of Pixar’s UP. It is no secret that this movie holds a special place in my heart. I relate very much to Carl and Ellie. In honor of one of the most beautiful films, here is today’s Friday Five. I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with adventure.


1. 3D Wooden Puzzle- This puzzle is handmade and absolutely beautiful! Perfect for an UP themed birthday party or wedding, or for family game night. It comes in several different sizes, so you can definitely find one to suit your needs. This puzzle has so many great details, including the rolled up hose!


Available on Etsy from Birdswoodshack

2. “Carl’s New Adventure” Giclee – This gallery-wrapped Giclee is by the super talented Rob Kaz. This would look great on a gallery wall or a nursery. I love that this piece is long and not your standard size. It makes the house really look like it is flying.


Available at

3. Adventure Is Out There Tank Top – I am usually not a fan of shirts that have writing on them (no logos either), but this tank top is an exception. It is a nice shape and looks like it could be a perfect summer staple.


Available at

4. Grape Soda Cufflinks – Just like Carl always wore his Ellie badge, guys can wear their own grape soda pin  – and without putting a hole in their jacket! These adorable cufflinks are perfect for Father’s Day!


Available on Etsy from JegasCreations

5. Carl Cookie Cutter – This might be one of my favorite Etsy finds ever. I would eat Carl cookies all day if I had this. It is so fun and unexpected. There are also Dug and Russell cutters for sale. I wish I knew about these when I was planning CJ’s first birthday party!


Available on Etsy from TopCookieMore

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the film release of Disney’s Peter Pan. The 14th Walt Disney Animated Classic film was based on the book of the same name written by J.M. Barrie. Peter Pan is one of Disney’s most beloved characters; maybe it is because everyone can relate to not wanting to grow up.


While I love Peter Pan, for me, Tinkerbell is the best. She is rebellious, and although she is bratty and jealous, she is feisty and fights for what matters to her. When Kid Congeniality told me that he was  Peter Pan for Halloween, I knew CJ needed a Tink costume, so we could have fun taking photos. CJ and Kid C are the best of friends, and just like Tinkerbell, CJ follows Kid C around on all of his adventures.



Just yesterday, a new interactive queue was unveiled at Peter Pan’s Flight. Now, while waiting in line for the ride, you can walk into the Darling’s house, thru the nursery and see Peter’s shadow flying around the room. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of  Walt Disney World’s original and most popular attractions and with its new update, it is bound to stay that way.  Happy Birthday, Peter Pan!

Friday Five: Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! The last two weeks have been cold and snowy in New York. Usually around this time of year, we would be getting ready for our annual Valentine’s Day trip to Disney World, but we have had to put Disney World on hold this year. I’m holding out for a Disneyland 60th anniversary trip in December, though. Even though we won’t be visiting the happiest place on earth for Valentine’s Day, I still love to celebrate the holiday. Valentine’s Day is special to us. It is when hunny proposed in Central Park (I mean if you can’t get to Cinderella’s Castle to propose, this is THE most romantic spot in NY). So here are my five favorite things to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. You still have two weeks, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

1. Concrete City and State print- If you have a loved one that lives far away or you are in a long distance relationship, this city and state print is the perfect gift. Order a print of their hometown, where you met, or even where you hope to relocate one day. It is a thoughtful and simple way to give a piece of yourself to someone so far away. 20150130-092835.jpg

$14 on Brickyard Buffalo

2. Winnie the Pooh Valentine Plush- Pooh is still CJ’s number one guy (after her Daddy). The theme of her birthday this year is 100 acre wood, so I figured I would start a few months early and get her this doll. He is absolutely adorable. There’s even a dapper Eeyore in a adorable red velvet tux. Both are sold out online, but still available in stores and right now, all plush toys (except frozen and tsum tsum) are buy one get one for $1! 20150130-093803.jpg

$19.95 at the Disney Store

3. Giles and Brother Railroad Spike Bracelet- This bracelet is one of my favorite presents ever. Hunny and I have matching ones. Mine has his initials (coincidentally, they are also CJ’s) and his have mine. The bracelet is very unique and I always get compliments on it. It is a perfect every day bracelet that reminds me of the one I love. It comes in brass, gold, silver and rose gold. Giles and Brother is an NYC based jeweler who makes gorgeous unique pieces. They ship very quickly, so unlike a lot of other personalized jewelry pieces, you will definitely have it in time for Valentine’s Day. 20150130-094942.jpg

$55 at Giles & Brother

4. Heart Knit Boot Cuffs- I am seriously obsessed with these handmade boot cuffs. They are absolutely adorable and perfect for the cold weather. Any girl in your life would be happy to receive them. 20150130-095758.jpg

$22.90 from Sennursasa on Etsy

5. Play Comme Des Garçons Unisex Converse Sneakers – I live in my Converse. Most people complain that theirs are uncomfortable, but to me, they are the only comfortable shoes I own. These unisex sneakers designed by Comme Des Garçons for JCrew, are a little pricey for Converse, but well worth the money. Your loved one will feel very special and stylish wearing these. 20150130-100752.jpg

$100 at JCrew

A Little More Pumpkin King

 Halloween is my favorite day of the year. You get to pretend to be someone else for the day and you get to be rewarded with candy for it. It always appealed to me the most. However, I understand the dilemma Jack Skellington feels when he realizes that Christmas is an equally amazing time. For some reason, during the holidays, people seem a little nicer, smile a little more and think of those less fortunate. The colors, lights and decorations are all spectacular. In our house, once we decorate for Halloween, I know that the rest of the year will be filled with fun and celebrations.

CJ is already a big fan of Jack Skellington. She knows who he is. She can say “Jack” and she even points him out among her toys, our vinylmations,  daddy’s tattoos and mommy’s bracelet. Her appreciation for Jack was a big inspiration in my Fall pumpkin decorating and will continue into our Christmas decorations. Before we transition completely into Christmas, I wanted to post our pumpkins and show off CJ’s adorable dress made by the talented Maria of Lyla Bloom. When I saw this dress on her instagram, I knew I had to purchase it. I am so glad I did. It works perfectly with heavy layers, but I know once the warmer weather makes its way back, she will still be able to wear it.


CJ was very excited to “help” paint the pumpkins and really liked to look at them, so they stayed on display in her play area so she could enjoy them every day.


Oogie Boogie was by far my favorite pumpkin. We used Martha Stewart green glow-in-the-dark paint. It didn’t really glow well, but the green was so different and very bright, so I was not really disappointed by the lack of glowing. I used acrylic and poster paints on the pumpkins. The acrylics held up much better. After a week, the poster paint cracked off and had to be reapplied. Lesson learned for next year!


IMG_3646 IMG_3667



I might be biased, but this is just the cutest photo ever