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Would you like a little more tea?

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CJ loves having tea. We have daily tea parties and drink Teavana white chocolate peppermint tea almost every day at lunch. Recently, she watched Alice in Wonderland and has been hooked ever since. I love anything Alice, so I jumped at the chance to bring her to one of my favorite spots in NYC, Alice’s Tea Cup.


If you have never been to Alice’s Tea Cup, you must get there! There are three locations in NYC, but my favorite is Chapter II. There is an upstairs dining area with big beautiful windows that let in so much light and offer a pretty view. We went for breakfast and shared the Mad Morning Tea! It was definitely more than enough for us (one child and two adults) and it was delicious. The granola is magical .

My favorite part about Alice’s is the decor. It is a blend of Vintage Alice images with some of the Disney version mixed it. Everything twinkles and sparkles. The china is mismatched  and so perfectly Alice!


The tables act like shadowboxes for the restaurant’s huge collection of Alice in Wonderland items

fairytale ceilings

Alice’s Tea Cup is perfect for brunch with the girls, breakfast with your kids, or drinks with your significant other. It is definitely a must visit for any Alice in Wonderland fans. The walls are decorated so beautifully and perfect for photos! Their tea list is huge and each day there are new scone flavors. I cannot say enough good things about this place. It is a pleasure to visit and the workers always make little ones feel special with fairy wings and pixie dust. There is almost always a deal on groupon or living social for the restaurant, so you really cannot go wrong!


Art Lessons: Creations By Hailey

As an artist, a collector of art, a hopeful museum curator and a Disney fanatic, stumbling upon Hailey Haddox ‘s work was a dream come true. I want to own everything she creates. Hailey makes replicas of Disney movie props, as well as other Disney inspired art. Her work is complex and extremely detailed. It is like Hailey brings the animation to life.

Hailey was born in California and spent much of her childhood visiting Disneyland. She still holds an annual pass to the park and visits every chance she gets. She currently lives in Austin, Texas but she is moving to Orlando in the spring of 2015 to pursue her dream of working for The Walt Disney Company. Hailey has big goals. She would love to design the props used on park rides and in parades, as well as design the Limited Edition Disney collectibles. If her current work is any indication, Hailey is on the right track.

It amazes me that Hailey has never formally studied art. She has an amazing technically ability, in addition to her artistic talent. Hailey works with many different mediums, such as wood, paint, glass and jewels, but her favorite to work with is lights. Her most recent piece, a painting in honor of the late Robin Williams, is a beautiful scene inspired by Aladdin. The genie is surrounded by glimmering stars, which Hailey details with lighting that can be turned on or off.


Hailey is a very generous artist. She constantly hosts giveaways for her work on both her Facebook and Instagram. She also takes commissions. Hailey is not creating your run of the mill Disney items. She is making 3 dimensional objects that are featured in movies, like the baby hornducks from Alice in Wonderland. Her work is detailed and is something I would expect to purchase in the different art galleries in and around the Disney parks.  I really appreciate the unique objects Hailey chooses to make. So many artist focus on making pieces based on super popular Disney films, but Hailey is making pieces that appeal to her and her love of Disney, like Madame Leota from the Haunted Mansion ride. When she could not find a replica of the  poison apple from Snow White, she created her own and in doing so, started a fantastic business. I see big things in Hailey’ s future. Take a peak at Creations By Hailey and try to contain your excitement. Her work is amazing.


Happy Birthday Alice

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Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the release of Alice in Wonderland. The Disney film was based on Lewis Carrols’ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with some aspects of Through the Looking-Glass. Walt wanted to turn the book into a film from the time he was 21 and his version is one of 20 adaptations of the story. 220px-Alice_in_Wonderland_(1951_film)_poster
I love Alice. Most days I feel quite like Alice- nothing makes sense and I feel like I have landed in another world. It is not always the best feeling, but you embrace it and start to love the nonsense. Plus, as Alice, there are 364 unbirthdays during the year, which is plenty to celebrate! May your dad be filled with nonsense and unbirthday celebrations!
CJ excited to celebrate her first Halloween as Alice in Wonderland


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Happy Summer. We were inspired buy our favorite kid to make our Summer 2014 Bucket list. Since we don’t want our summer to be spent wishing the days away until our trip to Disney World in September, we want to fill our days with fun, culture and plenty of outdoor fun.  CJ is old enough to enjoy lots of attractions and experiences, but since she is not walking yet, she can be pushed around in the stroller (and we don’t have to worry about running after her). Our list is filled with things we hope will make for a memorable three months.


  • Have a picnic in Central Park
  • Ride Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn
  • Take CJ to the zoo for the first time
  • Try a new recipe every week (this is probably hardest for me since I do not like to cook or try new foods)
  • Visit the High Line
  • Go to Photoville in Brooklyn
  • Go to the Bastille Day Fair and give CJ her first french macaron
  • Visit Dia: Beacon
  • Go cherry/strawberry picking
  • Go to Governor’s Island
  • Disney Bound every weekend until we leave for Disney World!!!!
  • See King Lear in Central Park
  • Spend a day in Seaside Heights
  • Dress CJ up in her Alice in Wonderland costume and take photos at the bronze statue in Central Park
  • Get my permit (yes. I do not drive. Baby steps. Permit this summer and driving by the winter? It could happen)
  • Continue training for the Walk Disney World Enchanted 10K
  • Finally, make CJ’s first year scrapbook

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?