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Little Gun Tank

It’s no secret that I have an Instagram obsession. I’ve “met” so many wonderful moms and fellow Disney lovers on the app. Instagram started my vintage clothing obsession for CJ, too. I do a lot of shopping via Instagram and I enter every single contest that I can. I’ve won some pretty amazing things, but nothing ever can or will top winning CJ’s Halloween costume this year.

Late this past summer, I stumbled across a fairly new Instagram account, @littleguntank while looking at the explore page. The photo was of the cutest ever dress made out of a pair of vintage pink Princess Jasmine sheets, exactly like I had on my bed in my late teens/early twenties. I clicked on it immediately and scrolled thru all of the photos and fell in love. Across the world, in Australia, was another Up-obsessed, Disney fanatic, who made the most gorgeous children’s clothing out of fabric that reminded me of my childhood. I immediately contacted Lottie, the genius behind little gun tank, and asked to be put on the waiting list for one of her creations. She was so accommodating and made the ordering process so easy.

Little Gun Tank, named after a nickname Lottie had for two friends from school, is not her full-time job. This amazing woman, creates such quality clothing in her spare time when she is not working as an animator for children’s programming. Lottie is one of the lucky ones. She gets to get up every day and go to her dream job, then come home and immerse herself in Disney movies, her favorite being  Tarzan. Lottie’s pieces have a nostalgic feeling to them. She has always been obsessed with older styles, in particular clothing from the 1950s, and it shows in her work. She meshes this appreciation for vintage clothing with her love of Disney, which adds a whimsical and fun element to the pieces. Lottie knows how much Disney and the company’s characters mean to the fans. Knowing that some of these pieces will be worn in the parks or by children who love Disney means a lot to her; “getting to be part of that magic makes me incredibly happy.” Like many of us Disney fanatics, Lottie turns to Disney whenever she needs a pick-me-up. “If I’m ever having a rough go of it, or feeling blue, watching a Disney film or listening to the soundtracks can really turn my day around. It’s got a lot of happy memories attached to it.” She truly encompasses Disney Magic!


The attention to detail on this dress is incredible. Lottie indulged me with an embroidered collar. The bow on the back is already formed and sewed in place. It attaches to the back of the dress with velcro (GENIUS!).



Lottie is unlike any other seller I have ever come in contact with. Not only is she generous (donating items to multiple auctions for various causes), but she also gives so much back to her followers. Lottie is constantly holding giveaways on her page and offering chances to win (FOR FREE!) one of her gorgeous creations. Her prices are more than fair. The work that goes into them is unlike any I have ever seen. We were lucky enough to win CJ’s Timothy Q. Mouse Halloween Costume from @littleguntank and there are no words to describe this piece. As if the attention to detail on the dress was not enough, the hat Lottie made was absolutely perfect. It was really a piece of hand crafted art. CJ was so excited to wear her costume. She shouted to everyone we passed, “I’m Timothy Mouse.” It made her day. There is no way that we would have ever been able to afford such a high-quality costume and we are forever grateful to have won it.




If you would like a chance to win a costume, you are in luck! Little Gun Tank is holding another Costume Contest on her feed. Just head on over and look for the image of CJ as Timothy Q. Mouse, then clock on it for information on how to enter! Good Luck. If you stop by her page, Congratulate @littleguntank on hitting 2,000 followers on Instagram!




Art Lessons: Creations By Hailey

As an artist, a collector of art, a hopeful museum curator and a Disney fanatic, stumbling upon Hailey Haddox ‘s work was a dream come true. I want to own everything she creates. Hailey makes replicas of Disney movie props, as well as other Disney inspired art. Her work is complex and extremely detailed. It is like Hailey brings the animation to life.

Hailey was born in California and spent much of her childhood visiting Disneyland. She still holds an annual pass to the park and visits every chance she gets. She currently lives in Austin, Texas but she is moving to Orlando in the spring of 2015 to pursue her dream of working for The Walt Disney Company. Hailey has big goals. She would love to design the props used on park rides and in parades, as well as design the Limited Edition Disney collectibles. If her current work is any indication, Hailey is on the right track.

It amazes me that Hailey has never formally studied art. She has an amazing technically ability, in addition to her artistic talent. Hailey works with many different mediums, such as wood, paint, glass and jewels, but her favorite to work with is lights. Her most recent piece, a painting in honor of the late Robin Williams, is a beautiful scene inspired by Aladdin. The genie is surrounded by glimmering stars, which Hailey details with lighting that can be turned on or off.


Hailey is a very generous artist. She constantly hosts giveaways for her work on both her Facebook and Instagram. She also takes commissions. Hailey is not creating your run of the mill Disney items. She is making 3 dimensional objects that are featured in movies, like the baby hornducks from Alice in Wonderland. Her work is detailed and is something I would expect to purchase in the different art galleries in and around the Disney parks.  I really appreciate the unique objects Hailey chooses to make. So many artist focus on making pieces based on super popular Disney films, but Hailey is making pieces that appeal to her and her love of Disney, like Madame Leota from the Haunted Mansion ride. When she could not find a replica of the  poison apple from Snow White, she created her own and in doing so, started a fantastic business. I see big things in Hailey’ s future. Take a peak at Creations By Hailey and try to contain your excitement. Her work is amazing.


Art Lessons: Savanna Rodriguez

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Savanna Rodriguez is the super talented 25 year old artist behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts @artsavanna. Just from stalking following her IG, I know we would be great friends. We already have so much in common. We are both married with one child. We love all Disney characters, but Tinkerbell holds a special place in our hearts. And we both want to work for Disney. Savanna aspires to work for them as an artist and with her talent, I definitely see it happening! Oh, and Savanna can sing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.39.31 AM

Savanna works primarily in small scale. It is amazing the attention to detail she has, even when painting tiny lockets and canvases. Savanna is a self taught artist. Although she took a few art classes in junior high school, Savanna has honed her craft on her own. Most of her paintings are of traditional Disney characters and scenes, but occasionally, Savanna will surprise you. Case in point: her reimagined Haunted Mansion stretching portraits. Savanna’s version is a crossover with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I truly believe that Sally was meant to be the Girl on a Tightrope.

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Savanna has a large Instagram following, and unlike many artists, she has no problem with fans using her work as inspiration for their own. In fact, she frequently showcases the art that others have made based on her work. Savanna loves “knowing that others feel encouraged to try something new.” Her outlook is refreshing and one that other artists should adapt because it forges a sense of community and encouragement, rather than competition. Savanna does commissions, so if you are looking for a new piece of art or jewelry, check out her etsy store. For those of you on Instagram, follow her. You will not be disappointed.